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Simple Woodworking Chair Instructions

Simple Woodworking Chair Instructions

Materials needed:

  • 4 pieces of 1x4 wooden boards (for the legs)
  • 2 pieces of 1x6 wooden boards (for the seat and backrest)
  • 1 piece of 1x3 wooden board (for the seat brace)
  • Wood glue
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or varnish (optional)


  1. Cut the legs to the desired length (around 17 inches is a good starting point for the seat height).
  2. Cut the seat and backrest boards to the desired width and length. The seat should be around 17 inches wide and 16 inches deep, while the backrest should be 17 inches wide and 18 inches high.
  3. Cut the seat brace to the width of the seat and around 8 inches long.
  4. Place the seat board on a flat surface and position the legs on the corners, flush with the bottom edge of the seat board. Make sure the legs are square and level.
  5. Secure the legs to the seat board using wood glue and screws.
  6. Place the backrest board on top of the legs, lining it up with the top edge of the legs and making sure it's level.
  7. Attach the backrest board to the legs using wood glue and screws.
  8. Place the seat brace board between the legs, underneath the seat board, and attach it to the legs using wood glue and screws. This will provide additional support for the seat.
  9. Sand the entire chair to remove any rough spots or burrs.
  10. Optional: Apply paint or varnish to the chair to protect the wood and give it a finished look.

Keep in mind this a very basic plan and you may want to adjust the measurements or design based on your preference. Also, it's important to be familiar with safety measures and use proper tools when doing any woodworking projects.  And of course, great lighting makes all the difference!  



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