What Does Our LED Fixture Finder Take Into Consideration? 

Even if you’re looking for the most basic lighting design, you’ll need to determine a few more details before purchasing a LED fixture. 

Type of Project 

Maybe you need something for a garage workshop, kitchen, commercial office, or warehouse. Each of these locations requires different fixtures, especially certain areas with higher humidity levels. 

Ceiling Height

You don’t want to use high bay light fixtures for spaces under 12 feet. Ensuring the ceiling height and the correct number of lumens will go a long way toward creating a comfortable, well-lit environment. 

Flush Mount or Hanging Fixture

Consider the ceiling you currently have: Do you have space for a flush mount? Will you need to opt for a hanging LED fixture? Do you want to install your light fixture(s) horizontally or vertically? 

Water Resistance

Around your home and garage, you’ll likely reach for strip lighting and surface wraps. If you’re installing a light fixture in areas with humidity issues, temperature fluctuations, or high levels of dust and contaminants, you’ll probably need a wraparound vapor light. 

Length of Fixture

How long is the space that you’re lighting? Enter in your room’s dimensions and the Lumen Right light search  will help determine how long of a light you’ll need (e.g., 4-foot, 8-foot). 


We understand how important your budget is. At Lumen Right, you don’t need to choose between function, fashion, and cost: Our light fixture finder will help meet you in the middle. 

Choose Lumen Right for All Your LED Needs

Like everything we do, our fixture finder has been designed as a straightforward way to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can say “goodbye” to blinding-white rooms and “hello” to functional, welcoming spaces. For more questions, the Lumen Right team is always available to assist!