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Great Quality Low Bay LED Lights

With over a decade of experience, Lumen Right is here to provide the best low bay LED lights anywhere. Keep reading to find affordable, high-quality lighting fixtures that suit your space’s needs!

What Are Low Bay LED Lights? 

LED low bay lights are energy-efficient fixtures specifically designed for spaces with lower ceiling heights (usually mounted between 10-20 feet). They’re excellent for providing bright, uniform illumination in areas like warehouses, garages, and retail stores.  Low bay led lighting is often better for lower clearance spaces since they’re more compact and have a wider beam angle than high bay lights.

High-Bay vs. Low-Bay Fixtures

LED high-bay fixtures are designed for high ceilings (typically above 20 feet) and come with wider beam angles (for better lighting coverage). LED low bay lighting is designed for lower ceilings (usually 10-20 feet), and its beam angles are narrower for smaller areas.

Benefits of LED Bay Lights

There are plenty of reasons to switch to LED lighting: 

  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • A longer lifespan (up to 50,000 hours) means fewer bulb changes
  • Even, quality lighting
  • Full, instant brightness without warm-up time 
  • Produce 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs

Where Should I Use Low Bay Light Fixtures? 

Because they’re designed for low ceilings, there are an endless number of locations to mount low-bay lights. You can use them as industrial LED lighting in warehouses, workshops, garages, and parking garages. 

Indoor agricultural buildings can benefit greatly from low bay lights. However, due to potential wear and tear, we’d recommend looking into vapor tight fixtures that hold up to dust, dirt, and moisture. 

The Best LED Low Bays Start with Lumen Right

To find the right low bay LED lights, start by determining the space layout, ceiling height, and the room's purpose. This will help you figure out the right lumen output and resulting lighting levels. Unsure which fixture is best for you? We’ve spent over a decade helping clients determine their specific lighting requirements. You can depend on Lumen Right to assist with all of your LED needs! 

We’re so confident in our fixtures that every purchase comes with a 10-year warranty.