The Best Shop Lights for Garages

There are three main types of garage light fixtures. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. LED Garage Lights

Over the last decade, LED lights have become the go-to for workshops and garages. They provide an incredible range of brightness with minimum electricity. While they come with certain upfront costs, they require very little maintenance and hold up in inclement weather.

We got into LEDs because they provide the most hands-off, balanced, money-saving option on the market.

2. Incandescent Garage Lighting

Incandescent lighting is most recognizable as the common light bulb. Incandescent lighting is most recognizable as the common light bulb. While cheap and easy to find, they don’t last very long – and they're not very bright shop lights.

3. Fluorescent Garage Light Fixtures

Many people prefer fluorescent lighting for their affordability and lifespan. However, if you live in an area with cold winters, fluorescent lights take longer to glow – and may stay dimmer than usual. 

How to Choose the Best LED Garage Lights

1. Easy Installation

You can install your garage LED lighting to a ceiling or suspend them with hanging hardware. You may also prefer wiring them to a wall light switch. If you’ve already got a fluorescent fixture installed, it’s incredibly straightforward to install LED fixtures in their place. 

2. Low Heat Output

Almost all of the light emitted by LEDs falls within a visible spectrum. Due to their low heat output, LEDs are great for small spaces – especially metal buildings. That means you can choose the brightest shop lights without breaking a sweat!

3. Budget-Friendly

LEDs last up to 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They can also save up to 75% on energy costs. With less maintenance, fewer purchases, and lower electric bills, LEDs are obviously worth considering! 

bulb hour chart comparison
4. Flexibility

Because it can be used horizontally or vertically, a 4-foot LED fixture is one of the most popular options for small spaces. It’s perfect for sink areas, above doorways, or anywhere else you need a bit of brightness. 

5. Direct Illumination

Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs put out heat and light in multiple directions. Conversely, LEDs are directional, meaning light shines in a specific, targeted direction. This means that LEDs are ideal for tasks that require technical attention.

How to Choose the Best Garage LED Lighting

Now that you’ve decided to go with LEDs, you’ll need to consider the type of fixtures. Depending on your needs, skills, and space limitations, there are a few types of LED lights for a garage. 

1. Ambient Lighting

Ideal for lighting an entire space. LED troffers and low bays provide even, widespread illumination. 

Product Recommendation: LED Low Bays

Flush-mounted LED panels (or troffers) and low bays can provide thorough coverage for ambient lighting. Our recommendation: High lumens and neutral color temperature. 

2. Task Lighting

Best for workbenches and areas where detailed tasks (like car repair and woodworking) are performed. These fixtures are designed for brightness and directional lighting. We recommend placing them above workbenches and other areas where focused illumination is needed.

Product Recommendation: Garage LED Shop Lights

Adjustable LED track lights, 8-foot shop lights, and LED strips are all great ways to provide focused lighting. Our 4' strip shop lights are the ultimate task light.

3. Accent Lighting

If you’ve turned your garage into a man cave, accent lighting is a great way to add visual depth and highlight objects of interest (like sports memorabilia or art). 

Product Recommendation: LED Tube Lights and Vapor Tights

Wall-mounted LED fixtures are excellent for adding extra dimension to your shop.

Technical Elements to Consider When Choosing Workshop Lighting


Lumens refer to the light that bulbs put out. More lumens result in more light. For a garage or workshop, you should consider products between 5,000 and 10,000 lumens. If your space is small and/or has reflective surfaces, you may prefer LED bulbs with lower lumen output

Color Temperature 

Kelvin refers to color temperature. The higher the Kelvin, the whiter light you’ll have. If you’re working on projects that require intense focus, you may want to select a higher Kelvin LED bulb (between 4500 and 6500K) that resembles daylight.

light temperature color chart

Lumen Right: Available for All Your LED Garage Lighting Needs

Whether you’re looking to illuminate your garage or workshop, Lumen Right has the brightest LED garage lights. Proudly manufactured and sold in the US, all our products are backed with a 10-year warranty.

If you’re weighing a few options, our team can assist you with finding the most energy-efficient LED garage lighting.