Steps for Choosing Warehouse Lighting

From ceiling height to waterproofing to mounting, our Fixture Finder will provide a clearer idea of the LED warehouse fixtures you’ll need. 

To help you choose your warehouse LED lights:  

Determine Brightness

Optimal light levels depend on the type of warehouse, ceiling heights, and worker requirements. When choosing foot candles, there are some good rules of thumb to follow:

  • 25-40 foot candles may be suitable for larger item picking and packing.
  • 40-75 foot candles might work best for general warehouses with light machinery.
  • 75-100 foot candles for large, open warehouses with moving vehicles. 
  • 100-125 foot candles for detailed work (like quality control and inspection). 
Consider Color Temperature

Once you know how bright your warehouse lights will be, consider the color temperature. For task-oriented spaces like warehouses, garages, and barns, look for lights that reproduce the brightness of daylight. With their bright, blue-white hue, higher Kelvin LED lights (between 4500K-5500K) are often the best choice. 

Note: For industrial warehouse lighting, 4500K-5500K may be optimal. 

Think About Ceiling Height

High bay and low bay lighting is a crucial element of choosing warehouse lights. 

High Bay Lighting 

High bay LED lights are designed for ceilings of 15+ feet. They’re great for distributing light uniformly across large areas, especially high-level storage racks and tall aisles. 

Low Bay Lighting

Low bay LED lights are typically used for general lighting (for ceilings under 20 feet). They’re ideal for creating sufficient brightness – without causing employee discomfort. 

Other Elements to Consider When Purchasing Lights
  • Light Output: Ensure your warehouse lighting fixtures meet the warehouse space’s specific lighting requirements.
  • Durability: Choose quality LED fixtures that are protected against moisture and dust.
  • Beam Angle: Warehouse light fixtures should have a suitable beam angle that casts a direct light.

Why You Need LED Warehouse Lights

If you're looking for effective lighting solutions for your warehouse, LED lights are a game-changer. Here's why:

1. Incredible Efficiency

LEDs convert a higher percentage of electricity into light, while traditional lighting sources (like incandescent and fluorescent) waste considerable energy as heat.

By switching to LED, warehouses can expect to use 75% less energy, dramatically reducing their business’ long-term energy bills – especially larger warehouses that work longer hours.

2. More Eco-Friendly

In addition to lowering energy costs, LED lights are more eco-friendly than traditional lighting sources (which often contain chemicals like mercury). This makes them a more sustainable choice for warehouses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

3. Long Lifespan

LED lights last up to 50,000 hours or more. That means less maintenance than traditional lights – and significant cost savings over the long term.

bulb hour chart comparison
4. Durability

LED warehouse lighting is made of sturdy, shock-resistant materials. LED is a great choice for warehouse applications, especially because they hold up to extreme heat and cold. 

5. Improved Safety

Not only are LED lights extremely bright, but they also provide consistent visibility across large warehouse spaces. This greatly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries caused by low visibility and shadows. 

6. Enhanced Efficiency

In addition to a safer working environment, better lighting can increase productivity and minimize errors (from picking to inventory management). 

7. Customizable

LED lights are available in a wide range of color temperatures and brightness levels. No matter your warehouse needs, there are endless options. Consider cool, blue lights that illuminate production lines. Warm, yellow lights are preferred for breakrooms and restrooms.

Choose Lumen Right for Your Warehouse Lights

Operating in the heart of Texas, Lumen Right offers the best-quality LED warehouse lighting options. We’re so confident in our products, we offer a 10-year warranty. 

Contact one of our experienced lighting experts to discuss the finer points of your warehouse lighting. We’ll help you create a custom lighting layout that exceeds industry standards!