Looking for a 4 foot led strip light for your home, warehouse, or garage? Our lumen lighting fixtures ensure high-performance at an affordable rate!

Considering 4 foot LED light fixtures for your home, workspace, or office? We’ll help you make sense of what LED strip lights are, their versatile applications, and how energy-efficient shop lights will save you money. Whatever space you’re lighting, we’ll help you find the right strip light fixtures.

What Are LED Strip Lights? 

Strip lights, batten light fixtures, and shop lights:  Whatever you call them, 4 ft LED light fixtures are effective, easy to install, and offer high brightness and efficiency. They’re designed to easily hang or be surface-mounted on flat surfaces (like ceilings and walls) and are one of the most common options for garages, commercial spaces, and warehouse strip lighting.

The Benefits of LED Strip Lights

Strip lighting is incredibly useful and versatile. One of their greatest benefits is providing uniform illumination across spaces with low ceilings and clearance. They can be used for general ambient, accent, or task lighting. When compared to traditional lighting solutions, there are plenty more advantages to consider:

Energy Efficiency: Lowers energy bill and maintenance costs.

Extended Lifespan: Our 4 foot strip light LED fixtures are built to last 50,000 hours and come with a 10-year warranty. 

Emit Less Heat: Reduces strain on cooling systems, further lowering energy expenses.

Are 4' LED Strip Lights Easy to Install?

Commercial and industrial strip lighting fixtures are designed for easy installation. You don’t need extensive electrical knowledge or costly professional assistance to get them hooked up! 

Included 4 connection point luminaire disconnects also allow for simple, tool-free connections between sections. The daisy chain option makes it easy to run in series so a junction box is not necessary at every fixture.

How to Install Strip Light Fixtures

1. To install a Brightline strip fixture, start by ensuring power safety procedures such as switching off the power at the breaker.

2. Unbox and identify all components, including the fixture, sockets, luminaire disconnect, mounting hardware, cover, and lamps.

3. Hand insert the sockets, then remove the knockout of choice before mounting the fixture.

4. Take the self-tapping screws and use a hole already in place or drill a screw anywhere in the frame.

5. Connect the ground wire to the grounding screw and inserting the neutral and hot wires into the luminaire disconnect slots. You won't need your own wire nuts.

6. Attach the cover and insert the lamps. Give them a quarter turn to lock into place.

7. Restore power at the breaker.

Where Can I Install 4 Foot Light Fixtures?

Offices, conference rooms, retail stores, display cases, garages, workshops, kitchens, attics – there aren’t many places where 4-foot strip lighting doesn’t fit!  

These aren’t just for your ceiling, either! Consider the following locations for these sleek and slim fixtures: 

Horizontal Installation

There’s much more to strip lighting than ceiling installation, including:  

  • Under-cabinets for enhanced visibility (e.g., cooking, manual tasks, repair work).
  • Industrial task lighting
  • Workshop and garage strip lighting for increased visibility
  • Cove lighting for an indirect, warm glow to any room. 
  • Utility and Storage Areas: They are ideal for lighting storage rooms, basements, and utility areas where robust and reliable lighting is required.
  • Toe kick lighting for improved safety in dimly-lit spaces. 
  • Outdoor Covered Spaces: For outdoor walkways, loading docks, and other commercial outdoor areas.
  • Retail displays to emphasize merchandise.
Vertical Installation

It’s just as easy to install a shop light vertically. Consider using them: 

  • In tight spaces (e.g., sink areas, closets, staircases)
  • Along the edges of artwork to create a gallery-like atmosphere.
  • Signage Illumination: Vertically mounted strip lights can highlight outdoor signage or billboards, enhancing visibility and readability.
  • Recessed channels to create a seamless effect. 
  • On columns, pillars, and walls to highlight features.

How Do I Choose the Right Strip Light?

We’ve all been in rooms with dim strip lighting, so it’s important to find the right fixture. First, consider the room’s ceiling height, area, and purpose (e.g., color rendering, personal preferences). Next, you’ll need to determine the right level of lumen output (we currently offer products from 36 to 78 watts). Whatever you choose, we only offer the most energy-efficient 4-foot strip lights.

Lumen Right: Top-Rated Industrial Strip Lighting Solutions

We offer some of the most durable LED shop lights for garages, warehouses, and commercial spaces. If you’re ever uncertain, don’t worry: Lumen Right experts are available for consultation to ensure that your products create the optimal brightness for your space.