Lumen Right is shining a light on LED wrap lights – at incredible prices!

What Is a Wrap Light 

Also known as wraparound lighting, wrap fixtures are a one-piece lens that’s wrapped around luminaires. They emit light outwards and downwards. LED warps are an excellent lighting solution if traditional ceiling installation isn’t possible or wanted. Conveniently designed for surface-mounting on walls or ceilings, they provide incredibly efficient lighting for retail and commercial buildings

Where to Use LED Wraps

LED surface wraps are designed specifically to maximize light output and reduce glare while minimizing electricity bills. Thanks to their versatility, you’ll see them in a wide variety of retail and commercial spaces, like hallways, cafeterias, laundry rooms, and garages. They function best when installed in enclosed ceilings. 

Some of the most popular locations include: 

Office Spaces

Illuminate office spaces, conference rooms, and reception areas with LED light wraps for a well-lit, productive working environment.

Educational Institutions

With the right lighting levels, students and educators will be able to pay better attention throughout the day.

Healthcare Facilities

Install wrap around lighting in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. The proper lighting levels will make medical examinations and procedures far easier.

Retail Stores

By illuminating retail spaces (like showrooms, boutiques, and supermarkets), you’ll improve product visibility and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Residential Spaces

For additional overhead lighting, use LED wraparound lights in kitchens, laundry rooms, hallways, or garage workshops. 

Benefits of LED Surface Wraps

LED wrap fixtures come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles. To suit endless lighting needs, you might find them in linear, circular, and rectangular designs. Wraparound LED lights can also be customized with varying color temperatures and brightness levels. Depending on the model, they may be equipped with dimming capabilities for greater flexibility.

Not only do LED surface wrap lights utilize advanced LED technology to deliver illumination efficiently and effectively, they also: 

  • Turn on instantly without flickering
  • Come with long-lasting bulbs 
  • Are easy to install & maintain
  • Distribute light well 
  • Come in numerous shapes, sizes, and styles
  • Work in various commercial & industrial spaces
How to Install LED Wraparound Fixtures

One of the biggest selling points of wrap lights is how easy they are to install. Unlike traditional ceiling fixtures (which can require complex electrical know-how), surface wraps can be conveniently mounted on surfaces with basic hardware. No extensive wiring or structural modifications needed! 

  1. Gather screws, anchors, a screwdriver, drill, and measuring tape. 
  2. Select the location and ensure it aligns with your lighting requirements. 
  3. Mark and drill holes. 
  4. Mount the fixture using screws and anchors. 
  5. Connect the wiring for optimal functionality. 
  6. Test the light to confirm it’s working correctly. 
How to Choose the Right LED Surface Wrap Lights

Since specific lighting requirements depend on each space’s layout and purpose, it can be difficult to figure out what fixtures you need. Not to worry!

Consulting with a lighting professional at Lumen Right can help you find exactly what surface wrap you’re looking for. To assist you, we’ll take your space parameters, lighting regulations, and lumen output into consideration.