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Looking for the best shop lights for 10 foot ceilings? With high-performance lighting and exceptional customer assistance, there’s a perfect LED light for every space!

What Is the Best 10-Foot LED Shop Light? 

Looking to brighten up an office space, outbuilding, closet, garage, basement, or mezzanine? Every low-clearance area will benefit from our expert guidance and an unrivaled selection of LED lights.

We often recommend 4-foot LED fixtures for 10-foot ceilings. Not only do they typically provide optimal lighting, but they also help to performance and safety. 

Check out Lumen Right’s Max Collection

Our Max Collection is designed specifically for low-clearance spaces. These 4-foot fixtures come with a 240-degree beam angle, providing superior illumination, even light distribution, and enhanced coverage. (when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs). 

You can depend on these high-performance fixtures’ sleek and modern design, which add a touch of sophistication to any setting. 

How to Find the Best Shop Lights for 10 Foot Ceilings

10-foot LED lights are easy to install, but they need to be proportional to the space. Before you can find the best shop lights, consider the following elements: 

1. Check Brightness

Easily the most important element when choosing lighting, you’ll need to consider the room’s purpose and your needs. 

Tip: Offices typically require 50 foot candles, while garages often benefit from 75. 

2. Determine Placement

For lower ceilings, placement is vital. By utilizing a professional lighting layout service, you’ll know exactly how many lights you need – and where to place them – for optimal performance.

3. Select Fixture

Once you know your ideal bulb brightness, it’s time to find the right accessories. When installing 10ft LED shop lights, the fixture is crucial. After all, the lower your mounting height, the less diffused light will be. Use our Fixture Finder tool to find the best option for your space. 

4. Ensure Waterproofing

Maybe your space experiences a lot of moisture. Installing fixtures in a laboratory or car wash? Replacing your dairy barn lights? It’s important to select items that are built to last. We  recommend vapor-tight fixtures for spaces with excess moisture, dirt, and dust. 

5. Choose Beam Angle 

A narrow beam angle (15-30º) focuses light on specific areas, like artwork and shelving. A wider beam angle is intended for broader coverage in small areas. With greater uniform brightness, rooms benefit from better functionality and improved atmosphere. 

Exceptional 10 Ft LED Shop Lights at Great Prices

When you’re investing in LED lighting solutions, you need something that offers quality and durability. Say “goodbye” to big box stores and embrace a company that puts you first. 

While our top-of-the-line products are designed for easy installation, our customer service team remains available to assist with your questions. Our 10-year warranty is also designed to give you peace of mind. 

We’re here to light up your world with the best shop lights for 10-foot ceilings and beyond