LED Home Lighting

At Lumen Right, we offer the best LED lighting for homes. Our LED fixtures are both affordable and cost-effective, so go ahead: Illuminate your sinks, stairways, closets, and laundry rooms!

Choose the Best LED Lighting for Homes

We’re firm believers in functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency. LED wrap lighting fixtures are often the perfect choice for domestic spaces. Whether installed over a sink, tucked inside a pantry, or over a stair landing, these high-quality products will get the job done.

Kitchen & Closet Lighting Options

Tired of feeling around for items in your closets or kitchen pantries? A well-placed light can help you find precisely what you need (and keep you from spending money on items you already have)! Struggling with dish duty? Kitchen sink lighting is an easy way to ensure better prep and cleaner dishes.

Hallway Lighting

A dimly lit corridor can feel really uninviting. If you pick low-bay LED lighting, your hallway can feel as sterile as a hospital. Our brightness guide can help you find the right lumens for small and large spaces.  

Stair Lighting

Have a particularly dark landing or steep stairs? Avoid nasty accidents and choose one (or two) of our easy-to-install stairway light fixtures. These LED strips last an average of 15 years, making them a great long-term investment.

Basement & Attic Lighting

Do you dread going down into your basement? Is your attic space creepy? If you’re tired of only having one bulb on a pullchain, brighten things up with some of our home LED lighting systems. Not only does LED reduce your electricity bills, but it’s also a safer option for dusty spaces.  

LED Laundry Room Lights

If your laundry room is in a dark corner of your basement, upgrade to an LED light. You’ll save money on energy bills – and red shirts won’t find their way into a load of lights!

Light up Your Home with Lumen Right

Whether you’re considering a full lighting layout for your basement or want to illuminate a handful of spaces, we’re here to help you find the best LED fixtures for your needs. From low bay lighting (for crisp, intense light) to surface wraps (when you just need a pop of illumination), we make it easy to create a brighter home. 

Our energy-efficient, cost-effective LED solutions have 10-year warranties and were designed to require minimal maintenance. Go ahead: Transform any area of your home with one of our Texas-made fixtures!

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BrightAssurance Guarantee

At Lumen Right, we want everyone to love their new lights, no exceptions. That's why we offer the BrightAssurance Guarantee.  Our guarantee is simple: if you plan your lighting project with us, we promise you will be completely satisfied.  If you are not, we will make it RIGHT!  

Project Planning Tools:

The BrightAssurance guarantee goes beyond the standard return policy. If you receive a custom lighting layout and are not absolutely thrilled, contact us and we'll do what it takes to make you a customer for life!