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A man playing an 8 foot LED strip light like an air guitar standing in front of a small warehouse


With 8 years of lighting experience under his belt, co-founder Michael made two realizations. First, professional grade lighting products shouldn't be so complicated. Secondly, there is a big gap between the low end big box store lighting and expensive high end commercial grade fixtures.

The mission was clear: to bring high quality, professional grade lighting direct to customers while making it very easy. Easy to plan, choose, buy, install, and maintain for decades. No middle man. No difficulty selecting, ordering and installing exactly what you need for your space. Someone building a 20'x20' woodworking shop can get the same quality lighting and service as the multi-million dollar assembly plant down the road.

What about after the sale? In listening to people speak about their experiences with lighting, one common story stood out: 'My LED lights went out after 2 years, and no one took care of it.' A friend and small business owner, (another) Mike, took this problem to heart and shared his passion for customer satisfaction. Mike has 20 years experience as a contractor in the home services industry. He understands the value of relationships and the importance of building a brand that people know they can trust. Bringing all this together, the two started Lumen Right.

Dedicated to serving our customers and doing lighting RIGHT.

Lumen Right Warehouse

Just north of Austin, in Round Rock, TX

2700 Louis Henna Blvd. Ste 100-B14, Round Rock, TX 78664


We light what you love!

Whether it's a small movie studio, a woodworking shop, a classic car hobby shop, or a new business in the garage, we love hearing our customers' stories and helping them achieve their dreams. We are all about making it easy for everyone to have dependable, long lasting lighting, that gets the job done. We are not looking to simply sell light fixtures, but to help you with your passions through our passion - lighting.