Your Guide to High-Bay LED Lighting

At Lumen Right, we’re dedicated to shining a light on LED light fixtures. Discover how to find the best high-bay LED lighting that suits your needs and space. 

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What Are LED High-Bay Lights?

LED high-bay fixtures are powerful lighting solutions designed specifically for spaces with high ceilings. They’re most popular for industrial, commercial, and warehouse settings. Typically used at around 15-45 feet (or even higher), LED technology offers far more advantages compared to traditional options. 

High-Bay vs. Low-Bay Fixtures

While LED high-bay fixtures are designed specifically for buildings with high ceilings, low-bay fixtures are conversely designed for lower ceilings (about 10-20 feet). While high bays have wider beam angles to cover a greater area, low bays offer narrow beam angles for smaller regions.

Benefits of Using LED High-Bay Lights

There are plenty of reasons to switch to LED high-bay lighting: 

  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Long lifespan ensures fewer bulb changes
  • Even lighting quality
Where Are High-Bay Lights Used? 

Because they’re designed for high ceilings, the most common locations for high-bay lighting are: 

1. Warehouses & Storage Facilities

These lighting solutions are necessary for safety, navigation, and performance. High-bay led shop lights should be considered if ceilings are taller than 20 feet. 

2. Manufacturing Plants & Warehouses

If you’ve ever been on a production line or assembly area, you’ll know that the devil’s in the details. High-bay lighting ensures that every element is correctly lit. 

3. Gymnasiums & Sports Facilities

Whether it’s a sports arena or gymnasium, uniform illumination is incredibly important for the visibility of athletes, referees, and spectators alike. 

4. Exhibition Halls & Convention Centers

With large-scale events and exhibitions, high-bay lighting provides equally-distributed lighting across enormous spaces. 

5. Retail & Supermarkets

Big box stores and supermarkets are designed with high ceilings to direct shoppers through the business subconsciously. Make shopping experiences great by highlighting merchandise displays and creating a better visit. 

6. Airports and Depots

Airports, bus depots, and train stations all have expansive indoor areas. From baggage handling to hangars to passenger terminals, high-bay lighting is the best solution for many locations. 

7. Cold Storage Facilities

Because LEDs perform well in low-temperature environments, high-bays are often used in refrigerated warehouses and food storage areas. 

8. Barns & Indoor Facilities 

Whether you’ve got a vertical farm or hydroponic setup, LED high-bay fixtures are sure to provide the necessary light spectrum and intensity for plant growth. 

How Do I Choose the Right LED High-Bay Fixtures?

Specific lighting requirements vary, depending on each building’s layout and intended purpose. To maximize efficiency and uniformity, it’s crucial to select the appropriate fixtures based on your ceiling height. You should also consider the layout and purpose of the space, desired lighting levels, lumen output, and certain lighting regulations. 

Consulting with a lighting professional can help you determine the right high-bay lighting layout solution to suit your needs. At Lumen Right, we go above and beyond to help you choose the correct products.