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What Is the Best Lighting for a Barn?

Looking for LED barn lights that are built to last? Whether you need livestock lighting or update outbuildings, there’s a Lumen Right product for everyone. 

LED barn lighting is a better choice than incandescent and halogen bulbs. Our farm shop lighting fixtures are designed to be the most durable, upgradeable, and long-lasting – for even the most demanding environments.

Where Do I Need LED Lights for Barn?

The better question: Where won’t you need barn lights? The following will benefit from proper illumination: tack rooms, barns, grain storage, nurseries, repair shops, changing rooms, rafters, stables, chicken coops, and more.

How Many Lumens Should a Barn Light Be?

All farm spaces require different light levels, ranging from 30-200 foot candles. For heavy machinery repair, you might need up to 40-foot candles. However, your fixture and lumen needs depend on ceiling height, surface reflectivity, fixture placement, and specific requirements.

Are LED Barn Lights Safe?

An LED farm light is the safest option for illuminating spaces around your barn and outbuildings:

  • There’s less risk of broken glass if a piece of equipment goes flying. 
  • In dusty spaces filled with dry plant material, a hot lightbulb increases the chance of a fire. LED emits about 50% less heat than incandescent and halogen lights.
  • Weatherproofed LED barn fixtures stand up to ammonia, manure, and moisture buildup in barns.

What Is the Best Livestock Lighting?

Livestock LED lights have an incredible ability to mimic natural sunlight. However, animals respond differently to brightness, so farmers should carefully consider their decisions before outfitting barns, stables, and coops. 

Horse Barns

If you’re wiring a large area, 4-foot LED strips might be great for bright, even lighting.  However, horse barn lights should have fewer lumens than milking parlors. 

Horses are very sensitive to heat and lighting changes, making LED agricultural lighting a great choice for stables and other smaller spaces (since they emit less heat than incandescent bulbs). Horses are also easily spooked by sudden lighting changes, so we recommend using dimmers.  

Dairy Barns

Consider selecting between 160 and 200 lumens for daytime dairy operations and between 30 and 50 lumens during “dark” hours. Maintaining the correct lighting levels in dairy parlors is directly linked to increased fertility, milk production, and feed intake. Many farmers use red LED lighting during evening hours to ensure that cows aren’t disturbed during their sleeping hours. 

Cattle Barns

When kept in ideal lighting conditions, veal calves experience less stress, have greater appetites, and require less medication. 150 lux is suitable for both dairy and beef cattle, but you’ll need to ensure that spaces are illuminated for the recommended duration for optimal results.  

Chicken Coops

Because birds are photosensitive, optimal chicken coop lighting is crucial for breeding, egg production, and general health. Choose flicker-free fixtures and follow the best LED lighting practices for raising chickens. Opt for red/warm-white bulbs that land between 2000-3000K. 

Pig & Hog Houses

At a minimum, pig farmers should expect to provide at least 8 uninterrupted hours of light each day (though this is different for breeding, farrowing, and nursery operations). We recommend approximately choosing LED barn lighting options of about 50 lux.  

Do Agricultural LED Lights Save Money?

We got into the LED lighting industry to offer higher-quality fixtures at great prices – and the savings don’t stop there!

For industries that require hard work and narrow margins, incandescent and halogen light bulbs aren’t a great economical solution. If you run lights for just 9 hours a day, you’ll have to replace your lights more often: 

bulb hour chart comparison

Replacing older lighting with energy-efficient options reduces energy use – and it’s a simple way to improve lighting quality around your farm or ranch.

Choosing Agricultural Lighting for Your Farm Shop Layout

The right barn lighting is essential to productivity when you’re milking, mucking, or repairing equipment. Choosing the right LED farm lights will provide higher lumen output and lower wattage consumption. That means safer working conditions and lower energy costs. 

Lumen Right offers three easy steps to start designing your optimal barn lighting. 

1. Select the Fixture

If you already know how many lumens you require, check out our online Fixture Finder

2. Choose the Right Lumens

Wondering how bright your farm lighting needs to be? Remove the guesswork with our foot candle guide

3. Figure out Your Lighting Layout

Unsure of how many fixtures you need (and where to place them)? Use our workshop lighting layout calculator!

Lumen Right: Light What You Love

We’re more than just a Texas-based lighting brand: We’re passionate about helping folks get brighter, safer spaces while reducing their energy bills. That’s why we go the extra mile and offer a 10-year warranty on all of our farm and home lighting – with the best warranty in the business.