No matter your space or budget, Lumen Right ensures the right fixtures for your office.

How to Select LED Office Lights

If you’re looking for affordable LED office lights, you’ve come to the right place. No matter your space or layout, you’ll be able to create a more inviting and productive office environment – even if you only use LED office strip lights. 

There are a few ways to limit the intensity of your lighting solutions. From conference rooms to cubicle areas, we provide three easy steps to choose LED office lighting that looks great and functions perfectly. 

1. Choose the Right Lumens

Bright white lights aren’t always the best choice for a productive working environment. Remove the guesswork by determining the right lumens for office spaces with our foot candle guide. An open workspace typically calls for around 45-foot candles.  

2. Choose the Color Temperature

Your office might have the right foot candles and lighting fixtures – but the LED color temperature might appear too warm or too bright. When it comes to focus and productivity, natural daylight is the best source of light for the eyes. To choose more natural lights for office spaces, we recommend 3500K and above.

Tip: Conference rooms usually require brighter options than break rooms and restrooms. 

3. Choose the Fixtures

If you know the lumens and color temperature you require, our online Fixture Finder is designed to assist you with all of your product selections. Not all spaces are created equally, so our experts are here to walk you through fixture varieties, like shop lights, flush mounts, and grid ceiling lighting.

Why Office Lighting Matters

From worker mood to productivity, lighting plays a major role in a healthy, happy office. In fact, access to natural light and outdoor views are two of the biggest office perks

Try to incorporate natural light sources (or fixtures that mimic the color and intensity of sunlight) into your office design whenever possible. 

1. Improves Mood and Productivity

In fact, it’s proven that good lighting can improve energy levels, concentration, mood, and work quality. When you design an office space, consider the needs of employees and the work they’re expected to do. 

  • For tasks that require more concentration (like reading, writing, and data entry):  brighter, cooler lighting from 3500-4500K may be preferable. 
  • For more creative tasks (like design and brainstorming): softer, warmer lighting that runs between 3000-3500K. 
2. Reduces Eye Strain and Fatigue

If office lighting is too bright or dim, it can lead to headaches, fatigue, and eye strain. This is especially difficult for people who spend hours in front of a computer screen. When office spaces are lit properly, employees are able to work comfortably for longer periods of time.

3. Creates a Professional Look

The right office lighting can also help create a professional and polished look. Flush mount lighting is often used to provide uniformity. LED office ceiling lights can also be customized, with different lens options and light color temperatures available.

4. Enhances the Overall Design

Once your main LED office light fixtures are installed, use a number of secondary lights at different heights. This will naturally create multiple zones throughout a space.  

Why Choose LED Office Lighting? 

There are plenty of reasons to choose LED office light fixtures: 

1. Flicker-Free

For people with sensitivities and epilepsy, flickering fluorescent office lights can create headaches, distraction, eye strain, and even light-triggered seizures. LED lighting provides a consistent output. 

2. Energy Efficiency 

If you’re struggling with narrow margins, incandescent and halogen light bulbs aren’t always a great economical solution. 

For example, running lights for 9 hours a day will cause you to replace non-LED lights more often. 

bulb hour chart comparison
3. Lower Energy Bills 

LED lights require far less electricity – and that means lower energy bills. Because LEDs last thousands of hours, you’ll require less maintenance. Oh, and LEDs put out far less heat than their counterparts (resulting in lower cooling bills). 

4. Greater Durability

It’s no secret that fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs are fragile – and they can even be destroyed during electricity surges. LED bulbs are solid-state, making them less prone to breakage. 

5. Color Temperature Options

LED lighting has come a long way over the past decade. Available in various color temperatures, offices have the flexibility to choose the most suitable options for their needs. 

6. More Environmentally Friendly

Many fluorescent tubes contain hazardous materials (like mercury), so there’s a concern of safety. What’s more, LED tubes contribute to lower carbon emissions, reducing environmental impact. 

Lumen Right Is Here to Help 

Office lighting is a critical element that impacts employees’ health and productivity. A well-lit office is more than just an expense: It’s an investment in the health and success of the company. Lumen Right’s experts are standing by to assist you in choosing your LED office lights – and any other LED fixtures that you require!