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16'- 25' Mounting Heights

When installing at these heights, a Lumen Right High Bay is the perfect fixture. Use our Fixture Finder tool to find the model that fits best.

Not sure how bright you want the space to be? Warehouses start around 40 average foot candles and go up from there depending on specific usage. Our foot candle guide will give you a good idea.

At these heights you definitely want to do it right the first time. Don't hesitate to utilize our professional lighting layout service.

Lumen Right High Bays Shine at These Heights

When you're looking to light up industrial and commercial spaces with ceilings between 16' and 25', high bay fixtures are the go-to choice. At that height, having a dependable and bright fixture is crucial to avoid maintenance headaches and to ensure the safety of those working in the space. That's where Lumen Right comes in - our high bays are built to last and provide reliable, long-lasting lighting for a variety of spaces.

Industrial and commercial buildings like warehouses, metal buildings, big box stores, and large manufacturing facilities all benefit from the powerful illumination that Lumen Right high bays provide. Whether you need to light a wide open space or focus on specific work areas, our fixtures are designed to deliver the right amount of light where it's needed most.

One of the benefits of using Lumen Right high bays is that they are available in a variety of styles and wattages to fit your specific needs. Our LED fixtures are built to last, which is especially important when they're mounted high up in the ceiling. With a long lifespan, our fixtures are designed to minimize the need for maintenance, which means less downtime and lower operating costs for your business.

A great options is one of our high bays with removable T8 bulbs. With nothing to maintain inside the fixture, they are easy and if one lamp goes out, the others will continue to work. This also makes your fixtures upgradable in the future as new technology comes out.